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Elevate Yoga Studio

Megan CrevierComment

The two of us have always been into yoga - this is not to say we are experts, but it’s a hobby of ours. We recently decided to try aerial yoga and loved it so much we bought a package of classes. Even if you aren’t a yoga person this activity will be a blast! Who doesn’t want to do flips and stretches from a long silk rope?! It’s fabulous.

There are different levels to the classes - the first one we took was more advanced and had us flipping and spinning for the majority of the class. It was rather difficult, especially for first timers, but let us say it was one of the most incredible work outs we’ve ever had.

They also offer classes that are more like traditional yoga, just using the silk to increase stretching while focusing on breathing - these classes are much more relaxing, but do still offer somewhat of a work out!


If you're looking for a way to spice up your workout routine, or just want to try something new, give aerial yoga a shot and tell us about your experience below!

Simple Rules for Eating Right

Megan CrevierComment

I’ve been hearing all the hype about “eating clean” for so long. I’ve always wanted to, and loved the thought of really focusing on what I’m eating and making sure it’s full of health benefits and not empty calories that have been chemically enhanced. But it’s a challenge! It takes effort and discipline, which can be hard for a chip and dip lover like me, but I finally decided to try it.

I’ve always been health conscious, but I do cheat sometimes, and have never really read the ingredients in every single thing I eat. But a few weeks ago, I went to the grocery store and did not buy anything that had ingredients I could not pronounce. I bought mainly fruits and vegetables, stuck with fish, chicken, and eggs for protein, and the only salty snack I bought was pumpkin seeds. Let me tell you, after just a few days I noticed a complete difference in the way I felt.

One look at an ingredient list will tell you whether or not the item is a healthy choice. The list should not be a mile long, and should not contain fillers. Always remember that ingredient lists are in order by its weight in the food, so if sugar is the first ingredient, that food predominantly consists of sugar. Also, be on the look out for sugar synonyms such as fructose, dextrose, or maltose - a good rule of thumb is if it rhymes with “gross,” it is probably sugar.

I will use peanut butter for an easy example of what I’m talking about when it comes to simple ingredient lists:


Now, why in the world would your peanut butter need to contain an ingredient list this long? And why is sugar the second ingredient? The answer: it shouldn’t be. A simple glance at the ingredient list will get you on track to eating right.

 Smuckers Natural Creamy Peanut Butter contains PEANUTS, CONTAINS 1% OR LESS OF SALT.

This is more like it.

peanut butter

As I started purchasing my food based on these guidelines, I felt more awake, less bloated, and just better all around. The simple trick of only eating what you know is beneficial to your body made all the difference, and I’ve lost a few pounds on top of it. If you’re looking to eat better but aren’t sure where to start, these are some simple rules to live by, and I can promise you will notice a difference!

Wake Up Smoothie

Aubrie BlacktonComment

I've been experimenting with smoothie recipes that taste good and provide plenty of nutrients to start my day. I came up with this recipe that's awesome for getting a serving of fruits and vegetables early on in the day. The avocado provides you with good fats, the flax or chia seeds will provide you with fiber, the greek yogurt will serve as your protein, and the coconut water is great for hydration!

3/4 cup frozen blueberries
3 frozen strawberries
1 quarter avocado
3/4 cup plain greek yogurt (vanilla for sweeter taste)
1/3 cup POM juice
1/3 cup coconut water
1 level tbsp. ground flaxseed (can substitute chia seeds)
1 cup fresh spinach
2 tsp. honey 
5 ice cubes