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Simple Sangria

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When I’m having a get-together, especially during the summer, one of my favorite (and easiest) drinks to make in bulk for all of my guests to enjoy is sangria. Since it's Labor Day weekend, this drink is perfect for your weekend gatherings and to help give Summer one last kiss good-bye.

You don’t have to be any type of skilled bartender to make this, and you don’t need any advanced bartending tools.

All you need is a bowl, a ladle, sprite, liquor (optional), your favorite red or white wine and fruit.

I pour an entire bottle of my favorite wine into a large bowl. I then pour in about 2/3rds of a 2 liter bottle of sprite (add more or less depending on how sweet you like).

Then, I like to add just about 4 shots of vodka to the bowl (to taste). This is completely optional, and could be substituted for a rum or brandy depending on preference.

I continuously taste the mixture throughout this process to make adjustments, and once it is just right, the final step is to add the fruit. My favorites are blueberries, apples, strawberries, and watermelon, but any fruit will work!

Finally, I place the entire bowl in the refrigerator for at least an hour to chill and to let the fruit infuse. Serve with a ladle over ice, and viola! The perfect end of summertime drink your guests will love.  

Bridal Shower

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We’ve already told you about Aubrie’s bachelorette party - now it’s time to talk about the Bridal Shower!

Outfit Details: 
Aubrie's Dress            Meg's Dress
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We went with a summertime brunch/tea party theme and it was simply gorgeous. We used round tables and placed floor length white linen tablecloths on top. Using short, rectangular glass vases, we used purple, yellow, green and red flowers to create the centerpieces. Each setting was complete with a mason jar and a bright turquoise napkin and straw, adding a touch of color against the white cloth.

We did the brunch buffet style, with a “Bride to Be” banner and a “56 Days until I Do” chalkboard to decorate. The menu included chicken salad on croissants, a summer salad complete with mandarin oranges and walnuts, quiche, cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs, and a fruit bowl.

For dessert we had banana bread, fruit tartes, and the most beautiful and colorful macaroons.

Most importantly, we offered a mimosa bar, complete with 4 different types of juices and fruit to add to the champagne.

For games, we played “Who Said What,” where we pulled old Facebook statuses from both the bride and groom, and guests had to guess who said what! We also played “Pin the Lips on Channing,” a spin on pin the tail on the donkey.

If you’re throwing a shower, try this theme - it’s elegant and timeless, yet simple and laid back. You can’t go wrong!


Planning a Bachelorette Party

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As many of you may know, Aubrie is ENGAGED! I am her Maid of Honor currently planning the bachelorette party, alongside her sister who is also a Maid of Honor. This is my first time doing something like this, but I’ll say it wasn’t quite as overwhelming as I was expecting it to be! Here are some tips I would recommend if you’re to be planning a bachelorette party:

  1. Keep the Bride in Mind ALWAYS

I will say this is absolutely the most important thing. I actually asked Aubrie before I planned anything if she had anything particular in mind for her party. Of course I want things to be a surprise, but you know all girls have things in mind they would hate to be missing from their bachelorette party! Before planning a game or activity, ask yourself if the bride would be comfortable with it and genuinely enjoy it. Always, always, always remember this is HER day, just as much as her wedding day will be.

2. Utilize the bridal party

I am so lucky to have Aubrie’s sister as another Maid of Honor to help me plan this whole thing! And maybe that’s why it hasn’t been so overwhelming … but in any case, asking the rest of the bridal party for help or advice about the party can be a huge help. And chances are, they would love to be involved in planning. Don’t feel like the whole thing is up to you, it’s okay to ask for help.

3. Get Creative

I think my main goal for Aubrie’s party has been that I want it to be unique to her style and personality. You absolutely do NOT have to throw the cliche bachelorette party with penis straws and strippers! If that’s your bride’s style, then by all means, but just make sure it’s personal. We have completely thought outside the box for her party, and I am confident that she will love it a million times more than any by-the-book bachelorette.

4. Keep it Light and Fun

Do not let yourself get stressed out by all the planning. Chances are, your BFF is already worried about her wedding day, the bachelorette is her time to relax with her girls. If she knows you’re stressed about it, she will be too. Remember that as much as this is her time, it is also your time together to celebrate her, and these moments are your sacred memories! You don’t want to look back and remember the anxiety you felt about putting it on. Have a schedule as your basic plan for the party, but for the most part, just relax and enjoy the time with your girls.