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The Eyeshadow Brushes Every Makeup-Lover Needs

Megan CrevierComment
best makeup brushes for makeup lovers - morphe brushes

Whether you're a newby looking to start a makeup-brush collection, are looking to add some new brushes to your mix, or are already loving these tried-and-trues, these are the eyeshadow brushes I just can't live without and are always my top recommendations! 

Morphe M433 - This fluffy natural goat hair brush makes blending an absolute breeze for a flawless look , great for the transition shade & all over blending to marry every color together- Shop Here

Morphe M441 - This blending brush is more dense making is perfect for seamlessly blending the crease  - Shop Here

Sigma E25 - This synthetic brush offers firm bristles for precise blending - Shop Here

Morphe M573 - Also goat hair, this brush offers more of a tapered head great for placing precise color and blending seamlessly - Shop Here

Morphe E36Hands down the best brush for blending the lower lash line Shop Here

Morphe M213Great for adding dark shadow tightly to the lash line Shop Here

Ulta Angled Eye Liner - My favorite brush for smoking out liner or adding a black shadow in place of a liquid liner for a softer look Shop Here