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a lifestyle beauty blog by Aubrie & Meg

Aubrie and Meg have been best friends for over 10 years and have always complimented each others strengths and weaknesses.The two Florida natives share a love for fashion, beauty, health, music, good food, and travel, to name a few. It was not until recently they decided to share their passion for life with all of you, and set out to create their blog - lovely and luxe.

Their goal is to create a space that inspires others to live a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through their tips and tricks, their use of comedy, and simply sharing their lives, they hope to encourage and motivate others along the way.

The girls are constantly on the search for the next best beauty product or brand to share with their readers, and love to give advice on a variety of topics. While they are similar, they both bring a different point of view and sense of style to the table.

The two will be writing about their adventures - wherever they may lead, their health and beauty routines, their favorite recipes, fashion trends, home decor, and general tips. They are excited to share their lives with you as their journey continues.

- Bringing you all things Lovely & Luxe,

xoxo Aubrie and Meg

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